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Contract Hire and Leasing Benefits and Top Tips

As we slowly emerge out of the economic downturn but are faced with a prolonged period of financial austerity and cutbacks, vehicle contract hire and leasing can offer a highly competitive alternative to buying your vehicles. Contract hire and leasing frees both the individual or company from making a significant upfront deposit for a vehicle and offers budget friendly monthly payments.

Contract hire and leasing companies are growing rapidly and as with all walks of life, there are good and bad providers. We all want to find the great contract hire and leasing companies so here are a few pointers:-

  • History. Look for a car contract hire and leasing company that has a long and successful trading history in the business. Ideally you should source a company that has grown progressively in the sector with many years of experience.
  • Testimonials. Happy clients speak much louder than any sales or marketing blurb. A great vehicle contract hire and leasing company should have reams of customers who are happy to endorse their services.
  • Terms and Conditions. Naturally we would recommend that you thoroughly read and terms and conditions. These are in place to protect both the contract hire and leasing company and customer alike.
  • Contract term. Calculate how long you want to be under contract. Typically contract hire and leasing contracts run for 24 or 36 months although other periods can often be negotiated.
  • Navigation. With the growth of ecommerce, contract hire and leasing companies should be able to provide easy navigation to find the particular car or budget you want. You should be able to navigate by car brand such as Audi, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Qashqai etc.
  • Test drive. Before leasing a vehicle, get out and test drive the model you are considering so that you are happy with the choice of car.
  • End of contract. Consider all the options, contract hire and leasing allows you to return the car at the end of the contract or buy the car outright. Failing that look to see if you can negotiate a new contract for a new model if you are happy with the service the company provided.

If you are searching for a great contract hire and leasing company, Swiftlease Vehicle Leasing and Contract Hire offer highly competitive services and have been in the business for over 25 years. The company offers leasing services on leading marques including Audi car leasing, BMW leasing, Mercedes car leasing and Nissan Qashqai to name but a few. To find out more, visit the Swiftlease Vehicle Leasing and Contract Hire website.

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