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Ditching Diesels and Opting for Hybrid and Electric Models

We have recently seen a decrease of diesel cars on the UK roads and this trend is set to continue due to the recent emissions scandal and subsequent talk of punitive taxes on diesel cars. No need to worry though, hybrid and electric vehicles are now expected to become more popular than ever before, and this can only be seen as a positive surely.

Research has revealed that almost half of the people currently driving diesel cars in the UK plan to switch to other alternatives next time they update their vehicles, choosing petrol, hybrid and electric models instead. Currently diesel vehicles account for four on of ten of the vehicles on our roads, so this change is anticipated to be huge and is not going to go unnoticed.

The UK has been questioned regarding what car they plan to select next time they’re ready for a change, and here’s how we answered:

Responses from all car owners –

  • Diesel: 23% 
  • Petrol: 60% 
  • Hybrid/Electric: 17%

Responses from current diesel owners -

  • Diesel: 46% 
  • Petrol: 32% 
  • Hybrid/Electric: 22%

Currently only approximately 2% cars on the UK roads are hybrid and electric, but with more people now saying that they’re going to be switching to hybrid and electric options this number is set to increase at a fast pace. While the number of diesel cars on the roads is set to decrease and the number of hybrid and electric cars to increase, it has been anticipated that the number of petrol cars on the roads is going to remain stable, accounting for around 60% of the UK market.

Some of the reasons why people are now looking to move away from diesels include:

  • Worries about future resale values 
  • Higher levels of emissions/pollution 
  • Minimal experience 
  • Poorer performance and acceleration 
  • Negative reviews from car experts 
  • Views from friends and family
  • Less refined to drive 
  • Higher initial purchase prices

Choose Leasing

Here at Swiftlease we don’t stop at petrol and diesel vehicles – We now offer a great range of hybrid and electric models for our customers to take advantage of, making it affordable for all to drive the electrics and hybrid cars of their dreams without breaking the bank, whether it be on a business or personal basis.

Leasing a hybrid or electric car can be an incredibly good option, as with leasing plans available for between 1 and 4 years, no one has to make any difficult commitments and can test out these cars for however long they choose.

Simply take a look at our ranges today to find a leasing plan to suit your individual needs and requirements, or for further guidance and assistance don’t hesitate to call our car leasing specialists on 01254 411 411.

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