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Top Five Things That You Should Keep in Your Car

A recent survey has recently shocked the nation, revealing that only a mere 26% of drivers store jump leads in their cars and under a quarter of drivers keep a hazard triangle handy. This is incredibly shocking news, especially when you take into consideration the sheer amount of older vehicles on the UK roads, and this is why here at Swiftlease we thought that we would provide everyone with a list of essentials which they should be keeping in their vehicles.

5 Things You Need in Your Car


Breaking down is never a nice scenario for anyone especially at night time, and this is only made 100 times worse when people realise they don’t have a torch in their car. Did you know that half of the people driving in the UK are not carrying torches? If you don’t have one please go out and get one today, we can assure you that if you break down in the dark the few pounds spent will be well worth it.

Spare tyre

Statistics have shown that less than 70% of drivers in the UK have a spare tyre in their vehicles, regardless of the fact that this is something which is highly advised by the police. Make sure that you have a spare tyre in your car, and make sure that you know how to change your tyre.


Only 50% of drivers in the UK carry a jack, this means that even some of the people whom do have spare tyres in their cars wouldn’t be able to change them anyway. Without having a jack, having a spare tyre is absolutely pointless so please make sure that you have both!


Just because the weather is getting warmer it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t always keep a spare, warm coat in your car. Even in the summer months the temperature can drop drastically at night. Grab one of your warmest coats and put it in your car, you won’t regret your decision should you break down

Jump leads

Sometimes when the weather gets cold, car batteries can fail, and this is when people require jump leads. Only 26% of drivers carry jump leads, so if you are in the 74% that does not, go out and grab some today. They cost less than ten pounds so there really isn’t any excuse for anyone to not carry these.

Breakdowns are awful and people must ensure that they are prepared for the worst at all times. You can also reduce your chance of breaking down by ensuring that you drive a quality car such as the ones we have for offer here at Swiftlease. 

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Posted on 5th April 2017 at 2:15 PM

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