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Why So Many Millennials are Leasing Luxury Cars

Look back a few years ago and we were all being told that millennial's are incredibly conscious when it comes to being Eco-friendly, with more youngsters than ever before choosing to get around using public transport such as buses and trains instead of buying their own cars. However in recent months it has become apparent that this is not the case. Ok, so there are a large number of millennial's in which opt to use public transport, but this is not the only reason why less and less are choosing to buy cars outright and it is car leasing in which has switched things up the most. Over the last five years there has been a hefty 46% increase in millennial's choosing to lease cars.

Although today’s younger generation does not appear to be that materialistic, they do seem to deem having a nice set of wheels important, and luckily for them they now can obtain the cars of their dreams thanks to car leasing! Leasing cars is highly beneficial for multiple reasons, and this is what we will now discuss.

Benefits of Car Leasing for Millennial's

When wishing to drive a new and luxury vehicle without car leasing many millennial's would struggle, this is because younger people do not typically have enough money to purchase these cars outright. Car leasing allows for people to drive cars in which would otherwise be way out of their budgets for a low monthly fee, what is not to love? It is not all about money either; many youngsters choose to lease luxury vehicles so that they can give off a great impression and portray a better self-image which can assist them in succeeding in other aspects of their lives.

Millennial's are also incredibly passionate about technology, always wanting to have the best of the best and outshine their friends and relatives. Technology, especially when it comes to cars is constantly evolving, leaving vehicles becoming rapidly outdated and people who have bought cars with vehicles which they’re going to lose money on. Leasing is a great alternative to purchasing for those who want to constantly drive the most up-to-date models as it allows them to get their hands on a new car every few years! Did you know that the average age of cars on the roads today is 11 years; this is not something which many millennial's want!

If you are a millennial looking to lease a car here at Swiftlease we would be more than delighted to assist you! We have a vast collection of vehicles for people to choose from, with options suitable for absolutely all needs and requirements.

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Posted on 5th April 2017 at 1:52 PM

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