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Contract hire and leasing is a shrewd way to acquire vehicles for your business

Business & Personal contract hire and leasing is a popular service in the UK for individuals and especially for businesses. If your company is in need of cars or vans but you don?t want to fork out and buy them outright, contract hire and leasing could be the answer.

How Does Contract Hire and Leasing Work?

Vehicle contract hire and leasing allows people to have a vehicle to use without having to pay for it outright. It is essentially vehicle rental, with the possibility of being able to purchase it at the end of the lease. As people have different requirements there are a number of differing kinds of contracts and leasing options available, such as the following:

  • Personal contract hire
  • Business contract hire
  • Personal contract purchase
  • Lease purchase
  • Finance lease

You can choose the length of term that you would like to lease for, from short term deals which can last three months, six months or twelve months to longer term deals that can run for up to three years. There is also usually a good choice of cars and vans to select from, and you can arrange anything from BMW leasing to Nissan Qashqai leasing and more. Once you have agreed on a lease and a vehicle you make monthly payments for the use of the vehicle. After a certain period (usually around three years) the leasing period comes to an end and you have a couple of options. At this point you can return the car to the contract hire and leasing company if you no longer want or need it; alternatively you can normally arrange to buy the vehicle at the end of these three years for a price that is usually agreed at the beginning of the lease period.

The Benefits of Contract Hire and Leasing for Businesses

The benefits of contract hire and leasing for businesses are significant. One advantage is that you don?t have to make an up-front lump-sum payment for the vehicle which you would have to do if you were purchasing a vehicle (often this fee is one third of the total vehicle price). By leasing a vehicle you have the use of it without having to commit to buying it and this is a sensible move for businesses that can?t say what their requirements will be in a few months time. New staff might start; people might leave the company, so leasing a vehicle makes sense rather than buying cars that might not even be needed in the near future.

What Vehicles are Available for Contract Hire and Leasing?

So now for the fun bit ? what vehicle will you choose? The range of vehicles is huge and if your business uses vans you can lease any of the following:

  • Citroens
  • Fords
  • Fiats
  • Nissan
  • Renaults...and many more

If you need company cars for your firm you can arrange Audi car leasing, BMW leasing, Mercedes car leasing, Nissan Qasqhqai leasing and a plethora of others. Whatever vehicle you need for your company, if you want to go about acquiring it sensibly opt for contract hire and leasing.

If you have contract hire and leasing needs, look no further than Swift Lease. This family-run business based in the North West of England has over 25 years experience in the motor industry so is in a great position to help you. Whatever your vehicle leasing needs, visit the Swift Lease special offers page by clicking here

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